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Mary Leonov

Research Contracts Manager

“We’re addressing antimicrobial resistance across various industries – it’s fascinating to see the inventive solutions emerging from our collaborative efforts. It demonstrates how powerful working together can be in tackling complex challenges!”


Mary Leonov is SAAFE CRC’s Research Contracts Manager, with more than 15 years’ experience in research support spanning project coordination, contract management, and overseeing post-award processes. Her career has been underpinned by her dual passions for ensuring project operations run smoothly and nurturing the growth and development of researchers.

Enamoured with the opportunity to contribute to a relatively new CRC focused on solving antimicrobial resistance (AMR), Mary joined SAAFE from the University of South Australia’s Central Research Office. She counts our supportive and enthusiastic team’s dedication to fostering a collaborative, dynamic work environment as one of the best parts of the job.

As our Research Contracts Manager, no two days are alike. Mary’s day-to-day regularly involves liaising with our diverse range stakeholders and partners, while advising, drafting and finalising our contracts. Outside of work, you’ll most likely find Mary spending quality time with her family, enjoying a long walk, immersing herself in nature, or spending time at the beach.