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Sai Kshiraj Gabbita

Graduate Operations Analyst

“It’s fascinating to consider the interconnectedness of all elements in nature, and how even minor changes can have significant repercussions on both humans and animals.”


Sai Kshiraj Gabbita is a Graduate Operations Analyst at SAAFE CRC. He first joined our team in late-2022 as an intern, eager to engage in work directly relevant to his studies. He now works closely with our operations teams to assist with project reporting, manage applications, handle contracting matters, and provide comprehensive IT support.

Sai counts his curiosity about the One Health approach, as well as our lively office culture and strong emphasis on our people among his favourite aspects of the role.

His enduring aspiration is to make a positive impact on the world – a seamless alignment with the work of Cooperative Research Centres. In addition to his role at SAAFE, he also works with MinEx CRC and ACM CRC on a casual basis.