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Protecting Australia’s communities, environment and economy from antimicrobial resistance.



Investing more than $150M in collaborative research to mitigate AMR


Taking a critical One Health approach to tackle AMR


Working with partners across viticulture, aquaculture, horticulture, water, organic waste, stockfeed and animal industries


Bringing together leading AMR researchers, industry experts and forward-thinking industries

Tackling AMR in collaborative and collective ways like the world has never seen before.

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We bring together partners across the One Health spectrum to tackle AMR at scale and with the urgency it demands.

AMR is a multifaceted problem – no single industry is solely responsible for AMR so no single industry can solve it. That’s why we are working with partners from Australia’s food and agribusiness industries, environmental management sectors, government agencies and leading national and international research organisations to ensure industry is directly involved in understanding, managing and mitigating the risks posed by AMR.

Our Partners Partner with SAAFE

We aim to tackle AMR at the source.

SAAFE will, by 2033, invest more than $150M into collaborative research to mitigate AMR, helping partners develop, share and implement solutions. We aim to tackle AMR at the source across a diverse and complex range of systems and environments.


Developing the next generation of leaders to tackle AMR.

Learn alongside some of the most forward-thinking leaders and be involved in cutting-edge research to solve antimicrobial resistance across agribusiness, the food industry and our environments.

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