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Alex Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer

“SAAFE is an opportunity to work on a globally significant challenge in a way that can make a real difference for everyday Australians – both the farmers in the agriculture industry, and all consumers who enjoy Australia's premium produce.”


Alex Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer of SAAFE CRC, a business development strategist, and skilled commercialisation consultant. With a commercial background, he’s spent his career at the interface of research and industry – focusing on translating technologies in research laboratories to viable companies and products in market.

It’s unsurprising Alex was called to the pursuit of solutions to tackle the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). He’s long been drawn to work on and with science and technologies that promise a positive environmental impact – spanning renewable energy, recycling and green buildings.

Keenly focused on harnessing technologies that have potential to positively impact our environments, he travelled to Germany in 2008 to combine his passions and study an interdisciplinary Masters covering environmental policy, economics and law. Since then, he’s led more than $500 million of investment into applied research & development (R&D) and product development across a diverse range of engineering and science sectors.

An original member of the SAAFE CRC bid team, Alex has unique insight into our mission to protect Australia’s communities, environment and economy from antimicrobial resistance.

Today as our CEO, he works closely with Erica and our board to set and execute our strategic intent while continuing to assemble and oversee our talented team of researchers and professional staff.