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EDAR 8 - May 2026

As the AMR threat grows, international collaboration and preparedness to tackle the issue have taken on unprecedented levels of importance.

Environmental Dimensions of AMR Conference 2026

We will need to respond in collaborative and collective ways like the world has never seen before.

EDAR, the Environmental Dimensions of Antimicrobial Resistance Conference series, allows us to do just that, bringing together researchers from across the world to share insights about One Health AMR.

Since Professor Ed Topp, a pioneer in the field of AMR, hosted the first EDAR conference in 2012 in Montebello, Canada, the conference has increased in size and scope.

It’s helped raise awareness about the complex, cross-sectoral nature of AMR, and it has built a strong, connected, and collaborative community of researchers.

SAAFE is delighted to host EDAR 8 in May 2026 in Brisbane, Queensland

We can’t wait to come together to share ideas and foster interdisciplinary collaborations to make a real difference.

More conference details will be released in the coming months.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact us for more information.