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One Health

The health of each depends on the health of the others, so it must be managed as an interdependent system. A One Health approach considers the interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health.

AMR is the quintessential One Health challenge – the ultimate interrelatedness of human, animal and environmental health.

SAAFE’s work is underpinned by a One Health approach which recognises the interconnection between people, animals, plants and their shared environments.

This holistic approach, and our role in facilitating collaboration between our partners, will see coordinated action across all sectors where antimicrobials are used. It will also ensure Australian primary producers are at the forefront of best practice AMR stewardship.

Australia has committed to minimising the development and spread of AMR through strategies such as the National Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy – 2020 & Beyond and the One Health AMR Master Action Plan.